Wiggle Workout: This is the Way I Move (tune: Mulberry Bush)
This is the way I touch my nose, touch my nose, touch my nose,
This is the way I touch my nose, when I’m at storytime!
…jump up and down…
…balance on one foot…
…spin in a circle…
…touch my toes…
….stretch up high…
…sit in my spot….
source: TeachingMama
(I altered it to say “storytime” instead of “preschool” and I left out “hop like this”).

Our air conditioning in the library has not been working for the last two weeks.  Hopping up and down and spinning in circles got really warm by my Wednesday at 1:00 class so we had to do a quieter version without so much movement.  🙂

The Books: 


Extension Activities:

Flannel Board: “Fall Is Not Easy”
I was inspired by Storytime Katie and created some new sets of leaves for the tree to try and change to in the fall.  The kids tried to help the tree change her leaves by closing their eyes and thinking really hard about fall leaves.  They all laughed and thought it was fun to see what silly leaf set I put up next.

Song: “Leaves are Falling” (tune: London Bridge)
give kids scarves to be the leaves or give them silk leaves to act out

Autumn leaves are falling down
Falling down, falling down
Autumn leaves are falling down
All around the town

Wind will blow them round and round
Round and round, round and round
Wind will blow them round and round
All around the town

Drifting gently to the ground
To the ground, to the ground
Drifting gently to the ground
All around the town.

Take a rake and rake them up
Rake them up, rake them up
Take a rake and rake them up
All around the town
source: JBrary

This was so fun!  I gave each of the kids two leaves and had them be the trees trying to hold on to their leaves as long as possible.  At the end I took the remaining leaves and tossed them up in the air.  We raked them up and tossed them in the air again.  It was a lot of fun creating piles and tossing them up.  We sang the last verse again and I had my helpers help me put them back in the basket.  All the kids were a great help picking up all the leaves.

Another fun rhyme that we didn’t have time to get to is “The Little Leaf.”  You can have your kids hold onto a leaf and make the motions to go with the rhyme.  Here are the words:

The little fall leaf stays on the tree (Hold the leaf in the air)
Until the wind comes round. (Flutter the leaf)
The leaf sails right (Flutter the leaf right)
The leaf sails left (Flutter the leaf left)
Then it tumbles to the ground! (Release the leaf and let it fall)

(I can’t remember which website I found this from but it was submitted by Suzanne Moore from Tucson, AZ.  Thanks Suzanne for the awesome rhyme).

Art Time: Fall Leaf