Lessons Learned About Snow Globes

Snow globes are a really fun, usually simple activity for kids to do. Now, there are lots of tutorials out there on how to make snow globes, and I’m not saying that they are wrong, here’s just a few things that I have learned about making them.

Glycerin is your friend and really, it works the best.
I tried using mineral oil, baby oil (which is mineral oil with scent so…draw your own conclusions there), and plain water. Here’s what I discovered, mineral oil and baby oil make the glitter (if you’re using it, which why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing) clump. I mixed it with water because I had 25 kids I was making this for and my budget would not allow me to buy enough mineral oil to fill pint sized mason jars.

When using pint sized mason jars, quilted doesn’t really work.
The mason jars that I had were a donation (I’m not one to turn down free goods) however, they were quilted. They ended up working fine, it would have been easier for the kids to see inside had they not been quilted. Using a smooth sided jar, like a baby food jar or a giant pickle jar (Ha, ha, don’t really use a giant pickle jar. And if you do, please share. I would love to see it!

Not all plastic animals are created equal. 
I should have tested this before handing out the 2 dozen horses to the kids. These were little plastic horses like you get in the tubes or from the dollar store. However, as previously stated, not all plastic animals are created equal and just because they are a plastic animal does not mean that they would work well in a snow globe. Some of the animals had such a hard time standing on their own that I had to ask parents to help hold them while the super glue dried. Which brings me to my next point.

Not all super glue is created equal either.
I thought I was being pretty clever when I bought the super glue to hold the animals on. Not so. It took 10 MINUTES for the super glue to dry completely, even then some of the animals required soooo much glue to stand up that it took even longer. If I were to do this all over again, hot glue all the way. Spending 10 minutes waiting for glue to dry is way too long for an hour long program and it feels like forever to the kids, not to mention I had parents showing up to pick up their kids and their take home wasn’t done yet. :S Super glue fail.

Finally, my last piece of advice…
When it comes time to add the glitter, DON’T do it on the carpet.
This is pretty self-explanatory but can we say GLITTER EXPLOSION! I think the carpet is still sparkly. Also, the bigger the glitter pieces the better. The super fine glitter doesn’t really work that well. I ended up getting glitter shaped like stars.

Oh…and here’s a picture of the final product! For all the hassle I think they turned out pretty cute.

Snow Globe





Magic Tree House – “Blizzard of the Blue Moon”


Magic Tree House Book Club – Blizzard of the Blue Moon 





In January’s book, Blizzard of the Blue Moon, Jack and Annie are sent to Depression Era New York City during a blizzard to rescue a unicorn in hiding. When I first read this book I was torn on what aspect of the book to use for discussion and our activities; there was just so much good stuff to choose from! So here’s how our activities went:

15 – 20 minutes – book reading and discussion

I decided to read Chapter 5 to the kids since it was the chapter that introduced what we were going to be discussing for the day, the cloisters of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Unicorn Tapestries. After we read the book I generally like to ask the kids what their favorite parts were. We briefly discussed the Depression but I didn’t want to get too much into that. I pulled up some pictures on our laptop and showed them the cloisters and most of the Unicorn Tapestries, I refrained from showing them the ones where the unicorn is getting prodded with spears.

20 minutes – group activity

One of the things that we discussed was that the tapestries were used to tell a story without words so I wanted to challenge the kids to come up with their own wordless story. We briefly discussed what a blue moon was, a full moon that occurs twice in one month, and how that it is often believed that mystical events take place during a blue moon. I also explained to them that this year, on Jan. 31st, there happens to be a super moon with a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse; an extremely rare occurrence. So their writing prompt was that they were trapped at the library during the event and some mysterious things began to happen. I put them in groups so they would have to work together to draw what they experienced during this supernatural event.

I love doing these kinds of group activities with kids because: 1) it gives them experience working as a group and 2) because together they sometimes come up with the greatest things! Afterwards, they all got to stand up as a group and tell their story (public speaking experience :)).

Okay, so this last part was a bit of a disaster. It should have taken about 10 minutes but, because of certain issues it ended up being a lot longer.


I thought that because the book was about Jack and Annie trying to get to the unicorn during a blizzard it would be fun to make snow globes. Let’s just say that this activity did not go as planned. I had “unicorns” (really plastic horses) that they could glue onto the lid of a mason jar (with SUPERGLUE) and then add water with a tiny bit of glycerin and glitter. This went wrong in sooo many ways. Note to self: do not attempt to make snow globes using superglue. Hot glue would have been much easier. For more on this epic disaster I’m going to have to create a separate post. I’ve linked it here.

Even though I felt that the snow globes were a disaster, the kids really didn’t care and they had a blast doing all the activities.

We ended with a drawing for next month’s book: Abe Lincoln at Last








Magic Tree House – “Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve”


I’m a little bit slow on getting these up so I hope that you will forgive me. 🙂 For October I wanted to choose a book that has a spooky Halloween kind of theme, so we read Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve. In this book Jack and Annie are summoned by Merlin to help recover the stolen Diamond of Destiny. The clues to the diamond’s disappearance are located in a haunted castle. With the help of their friend, Teddy, Jack and Annie begin their search and discover there’s more to the missing diamond than they realized. I made a few changes to the format of my program and it went really well. The kids had so much fun.

Haunted Castle cover




Magic Tree House Book Club – Haunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve




15 – 20 minutes – book reading and discussion

Some of the feedback that I received from the kids was that they wanted to hear the book, even if they had already read it. I really wanted to make the class one that the kids felt was their’s and something that they would like to continue coming to. So, I decided that I would read a chapter out of the book. For this book I read chapter 3 because it’s far enough into the book that the story is really building and the ending leaves them in just enough suspense and wondering what is going to happen next. This was not only great for the kids that read it because they could add to the discussion but also enticed the kids who hadn’t read it to check it out so they could finish the story.


15 – 20 minutes – craft activity
One of the special objects in the book that Jack, Annie, and Teddy used to perform magic and help them find the Diamond of Destiny was a hazel twig wand. I found it rather difficult to find hazel twigs in our area (I even looked online, but wowzers those things can be expensive and when working with a small, practically nonexistent budget, it just wasn’t practical). I ended up finding some shorter dowel rods for super cheap. I re-purposed some leftover storytime craft supplies and let the kids make their own hazel twig wands. This is a super fun activity and they all had a blast and were so excited to show me their wands.


-hazel twig- wands








15 minutes – search for the Diamond of Destiny
In the book, Jack and Annie had to find the Diamond of Destiny after it was stolen, so I wanted to have a scavenger hunt to find the diamond; but, more importantly, when Jack was holding the Diamond of Destiny he felt stronger and braver. I wanted to allow the kids to take home their own Diamond of Destiny to help empower them to overcome whatever obstacle they may be struggling with. I found some Halloween themed scavenger hunt clues and hid them around our community room. Although, they had to be careful because there were curses too that instructed us to do silly things like walk like a zombie until we found the next clue. We have this amazing “hidden” panel in the wall in our community room so I hid a diamond that I had purchased behind it. We found the diamond along with the other “diamonds” that I had set with it for the kids to pick for their very own. We had a lot of fun and they loved finding the curses. One thing that I did notice, when trying to do a scavenger hunt try to make it so that everyone has an opportunity to be involved.

In case you are wondering, these are the gems that I found for everybody to take home and this is the Diamond of Destiny.

5 minutes – drawing for next month’s book



The Case of the Missing Donut

The Case of the Missing DonutThe Case of the Missing Donut by Alison McGhee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sheriff (a little boy dressed up) and Deputy (his dog) go for a walk to the bakery to fetch a dozen donuts. Their mission: to bring all the donuts home safely and in one piece. But along the way one donut gets smooshed; then it’s one bite here, one bite there, and ooops the whole thing is gone. As he continues to make his way home Sheriff can’t figure out how everybody is on to him. He finally makes it home and tells the truth about the missing donut and the mystery is solved when he and Deputy look in the mirror.

I feel like this would have been an easy book to have too much going on, aka wordy, but Allison McGhee did an excellent job of telling a charming story paired with Isabel Roxas’ illustrations. This would be a fun book to use for a donut storytime.

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And the Robot Went…

And the Robot Went . . .And the Robot Went . . . by Michelle Robinson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“The Nosy Fox looked in the box, and the Robot went…”

After Nosy Fox opens the box all the other animals try and help put the Robot together but Robot doesn’t seem to be working. Until “me” comes along with just thing to help Robot work. This is a fun book with cumulative text and adorable illustrations.

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Magic Tree House – “Twister on Tuesday”

Today was our very first Magic Tree House Book Club. The idea first became a little tickle when I was able to attend the Utah Library Association Youth Services Winter Workshop. A fellow librarian had started her own and was having so much fun doing it. I talked her into sharing her lesson plans, (actually she was super nice and offered to share them with me). Her plan was to create a lesson plan for the first 27 books and then recycle them every three years. Smart right? Well, I had this idea that I would share my lesson plans with her and we would have even more to work with. I was going to start with the last book, but then I got a bit distracted and I just ended up picking and choosing which ones I wanted to do. I liked that Lisa (really nice librarian that is willing to share) wanted to make the book club friendly for everyone, regardless if they read the book or not, so naturally I wanted to follow suit. I tried to follow her format but, after our first meeting, I think I’m might make a few changes. So…here’s what I did for Mary Pope Osborne’s Twister on Tuesday.


twister on tuesday cover

Magic Tree House Book Club – Twister on Tuesday






15 minutes – slideshow presentation and discussion

(I have to make a little side note here. I really wanted to give the kids some good background information on tornadoes and how they form, plus show theme some really cool videos but, my presentation went too long and honestly the cool videos would have been enough). If you would like use see/use my Prezi here is the link for it:

10 minutes – game
It was really hard finding a game that went with tornadoes so, I made one up…Twister Tag. The concept is a lot like sharks and minnows and since we had discussed how tornadoes act like a vacuum and suck things up…well, that’s what we did. One child was the starting twister and as the other kids had to run to the storm cellar they had to try not to get “sucked up” by the twister. If they did they would join the twister and become a bigger, more powerful storm. Overall, they really had fun playing it and it got some of their energy out from having to sit through my presentation.

15 minutes – science activity “Tornado in a Jar”
So, I found this really fun activity here but, after I made one, I wasn’t impressed. Then I found this idea here and thought that this would work better and I just happened to have 25 jars so, it was a logical choice. Now, we learned a few things about this activity. One, the tornado is so much easier to see without the food coloring. Two, DO NOT use quilted jars. Again, too hard to see. Three, I think that you have to let the vinegar sit and break down the soap a little bit before it actually works and if you try to spin it too many times at once all the soap builds up again and doesn’t work so much anymore. This is still an experiment in progress. If you learn the key to making it work, please share.

10 minutes – art activity “Tornado Landscape Chalk Drawing”


Need I say more? Isn’t my drawing beautiful? I thought so.

5 minutes – Drawing for next month’s bookHaunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve 

Overall, I think it was a success. The kids seemed to have fun, I had fun, and I learned some things that I need to adjust for next time. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

The Good for Nothing Button

The Good for Nothing ButtonThe Good for Nothing Button by Charise Mericle Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yellow Bird found a button and can’t wait to show Red Bird and Blue Bird. When they ask him what it does he tells them, “Nothing” but they want to push the button themselves. When they do, they find out that the button does more than nothing, it does everything! This book is sure to delight any fans of Elephant and Piggie. The illustrations are simple and bright and the text is humorous but also offers a chance for understanding emotions. Blue Bird is surprised, when Red Bird doesn’t get surprised he gets sad. They exclaim that the button does something but, when Yellow Bird insists that the button does nothing he gets mad.

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