I’m back!

Wow! I’m back to blogging after taking a LONG break. We have started some new programs at my library and have been having so much fun that I have completely forgotten to update here. :S No worries, an update will be coming soon. I have so much new, fun, and exciting things to share. So be on the lookout. See you soon.

Ahhhh! Spiders!

In the spirit of Halloween we did a story time all around spiders.  Normally, I am terrified of spiders but I had a lot of fun with this story time.  I usually have a story time box that I use to introduce the children to the theme for the week but this week I told them the story of “The Dark, Dark Woods.”  In the dark, dark corner of the dark, dark room, that was in the dark, dark house, located in the dark, dark woods, there was a dark, dark, chest.  I warned the kids first that it might be a scary story and I hoped that they didn’t get too scared.  😉  In the dark, dark chest Miss Lori and I like to put some silly things like: a small plunger, a giant baby bottle, a rubber chicken, anything but the scary object.  I pulled out several of these silly things one at a time after I would restart the story, by the end most of the kids were able to recite it with me.  Very last I pulled out Alan, our Folkmanis tarantula.  It was really fun.

Now let’s get to it.

The Books:


On Tuesday we read Are You a Spider, I didn’t read The Very Busy Spider because it was not available.  Besides I like adding nonfiction books into our storytime.  It gives us an opportunity to learn cool new things, like that spiders have 8 eyes!  Fun new fact.

Extension Activities:

Flannel Board: Five Little Spiders
by Jean Warren (adapted by Kathryn Roach)  I took what Kathryn had done and changed a few of the animals that made the spider fall.

Song: There’s a Spider on the Floor
I gave the kids black pom poms for spiders and played the song by Raffi one day.  I felt that the Raffi version was a little slow for my liking so after the first time we sang it.  I like singing it more anyway because then the kids can make suggestions for where the spider is next.  

Art Activity: Paper Plate Spiders


Things to Do at Home:

I thought that this cute watercolor resist spider web was super cute!



I wiggle my fingers. I wiggle my toes.
I wiggle my ears. I wiggle my nose.
I wiggle my shoulders. I wiggle my chin.
I stretch my arms wide and pull them back in.
I wiggle my elbows. I wiggle my knees.
I hop like a bunny. I smile and say, “Cheese!”
Now I have no more wiggles left in me
And I sit on the floor as still as can be.
source: yogibrarian



Song: There’s a Mouse in School
There’s a mouse in school, OH NO!
What are we going to do?
As long as there’s a mouse in school
He’ll have to learn his alphabet, too!
(Squeak the ABC song, then continue with other animals; dog, cat, dinosaur, then child to sing the proper way.)
source: SLC Book Boy

Song/Activity: “If you’re wearing any red”
If your clothes have any red, any red
If your clothes have any red, any red
If your clothes have any red,
put your hands above your head,
If your clothes have any red, any red.
…if your clothes have any blue,
put your fingers on your shoes,
…if your clothes have any white,
scrunch your face up small and tight,
…if your clothes have any yellow,
jiggle like a bowl of jello-o,
…if your clothes have any green,
tilt sideways ‘till you lean,
…if your clothes have any brown,
turn around and around,

We talked about how when we go to school we learn our colors.

Song: “Let’s All Walk to School” by Jean Warren (Tune: “The Farmer In The Dell”)
Let’s all walk to school,
Let’s all walk to school,
Heigh-ho, here we go!
Let’s all walk to school.
Continue singing about other ways to get to school, such as; run, skip, jump, march, stomp, or fly.

We did this activity after we read Late for School by Stephanie Calmenson.  The teacher tried different ways of getting to school so when I asked the kids how they want to get to school they came up with some pretty good replies.  The best by far was going by pumpkin.

Art Activity: Shape School Bus


My picture is a little bit fuzzy but this was a super fun and cute art activity.  The kids painted 1/2 of a paper plate with yellow (we used sponges to paint to mix it up from the usual paintbrush) then cut out the shapes and glued them on.  This adorable craft was found here: MommyGaga.

Worksheet: Readiness Route from The Mailbox