Lessons Learned About Snow Globes

Snow globes are a really fun, usually simple activity for kids to do. Now, there are lots of tutorials out there on how to make snow globes, and I’m not saying that they are wrong, here’s just a few things that I have learned about making them.

Glycerin is your friend and really, it works the best.
I tried using mineral oil, baby oil (which is mineral oil with scent so…draw your own conclusions there), and plain water. Here’s what I discovered, mineral oil and baby oil make the glitter (if you’re using it, which why wouldn’t you, it’s amazing) clump. I mixed it with water because I had 25 kids I was making this for and my budget would not allow me to buy enough mineral oil to fill pint sized mason jars.

When using pint sized mason jars, quilted doesn’t really work.
The mason jars that I had were a donation (I’m not one to turn down free goods) however, they were quilted. They ended up working fine, it would have been easier for the kids to see inside had they not been quilted. Using a smooth sided jar, like a baby food jar or a giant pickle jar (Ha, ha, don’t really use a giant pickle jar. And if you do, please share. I would love to see it!

Not all plastic animals are created equal. 
I should have tested this before handing out the 2 dozen horses to the kids. These were little plastic horses like you get in the tubes or from the dollar store. However, as previously stated, not all plastic animals are created equal and just because they are a plastic animal does not mean that they would work well in a snow globe. Some of the animals had such a hard time standing on their own that I had to ask parents to help hold them while the super glue dried. Which brings me to my next point.

Not all super glue is created equal either.
I thought I was being pretty clever when I bought the super glue to hold the animals on. Not so. It took 10 MINUTES for the super glue to dry completely, even then some of the animals required soooo much glue to stand up that it took even longer. If I were to do this all over again, hot glue all the way. Spending 10 minutes waiting for glue to dry is way too long for an hour long program and it feels like forever to the kids, not to mention I had parents showing up to pick up their kids and their take home wasn’t done yet. :S Super glue fail.

Finally, my last piece of advice…
When it comes time to add the glitter, DON’T do it on the carpet.
This is pretty self-explanatory but can we say GLITTER EXPLOSION! I think the carpet is still sparkly. Also, the bigger the glitter pieces the better. The super fine glitter doesn’t really work that well. I ended up getting glitter shaped like stars.

Oh…and here’s a picture of the final product! For all the hassle I think they turned out pretty cute.

Snow Globe





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