Beards & Mustaches

I’ve been wanting to do a beards and mustaches theme for quite some time. So, last week I finally did it!

The Books:


Extension Activities: 

Flannel Board: “Mr. Lou’s Mustache”
There once lived a man named Mr. Lou
He had a mustache that grew, and GREW!
By Monday, it was as tiny as his nose,
By Tuesday, on and on it grows!
By Wednesday, it stretched as far as his ears!
By Thursday, it looked as if it had grown for years.
But on Friday, Mr. Lou caught the flu…
And off went the mustache–it flew and FLEW!
Source: Literary Hoots

Mr. Lou's Mustache

Action Song: “The Moustache Song” (tune: “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”)
My father has a mustache
My mother has one too
So when I get older
I’ll have a great mustache, or two!
Mustache. Mustache.
A big bushy mustache for me,
And you.
Mustache. Mustache.
I’ve got a great mustache,
Do you?
Source: Singin’ in the Stacks

Action Song: “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Mustache”
This is pretty self explanatory. We always like to sing it regular speed, then fast, then slow.


Beard on a Stick
For the craft I found a beard template here. Copied it onto white construction paper and had some volunteers, a.k.a. clerks, cut them out. I had another clerk help me cut out paper strips from different colored construction paper. (Some of the kids had rainbow beards. It was great!) We curled them with pencils, used glue stick to stick them on, and stuck them onto some giant craft sticks like these.

Beard on a Stick

How It Went:

I was really excited to do this storytime, which I think always helps. Overall, I think all my classes had a fun time. I also shared with them a story about how when I was little I believed that my dad’s mustache was blown away by the wind. It paired perfectly with “Mr. Lou’s Mustache.” Also, I wasn’t so sure that I would like Mustache Baby but ended up loving it.


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