The Case of the Missing Donut

The Case of the Missing DonutThe Case of the Missing Donut by Alison McGhee
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sheriff (a little boy dressed up) and Deputy (his dog) go for a walk to the bakery to fetch a dozen donuts. Their mission: to bring all the donuts home safely and in one piece. But along the way one donut gets smooshed; then it’s one bite here, one bite there, and ooops the whole thing is gone. As he continues to make his way home Sheriff can’t figure out how everybody is on to him. He finally makes it home and tells the truth about the missing donut and the mystery is solved when he and Deputy look in the mirror.

I feel like this would have been an easy book to have too much going on, aka wordy, but Allison McGhee did an excellent job of telling a charming story paired with Isabel Roxas’ illustrations. This would be a fun book to use for a donut storytime.

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