Magic Tree House – “Twister on Tuesday”

Today was our very first Magic Tree House Book Club. The idea first became a little tickle when I was able to attend the Utah Library Association Youth Services Winter Workshop. A fellow librarian had started her own and was having so much fun doing it. I talked her into sharing her lesson plans, (actually she was super nice and offered to share them with me). Her plan was to create a lesson plan for the first 27 books and then recycle them every three years. Smart right? Well, I had this idea that I would share my lesson plans with her and we would have even more to work with. I was going to start with the last book, but then I got a bit distracted and I just ended up picking and choosing which ones I wanted to do. I liked that Lisa (really nice librarian that is willing to share) wanted to make the book club friendly for everyone, regardless if they read the book or not, so naturally I wanted to follow suit. I tried to follow her format but, after our first meeting, I think I’m might make a few changes. So…here’s what I did for Mary Pope Osborne’s Twister on Tuesday.


twister on tuesday cover

Magic Tree House Book Club – Twister on Tuesday






15 minutes – slideshow presentation and discussion

(I have to make a little side note here. I really wanted to give the kids some good background information on tornadoes and how they form, plus show theme some really cool videos but, my presentation went too long and honestly the cool videos would have been enough). If you would like use see/use my Prezi here is the link for it:

10 minutes – game
It was really hard finding a game that went with tornadoes so, I made one up…Twister Tag. The concept is a lot like sharks and minnows and since we had discussed how tornadoes act like a vacuum and suck things up…well, that’s what we did. One child was the starting twister and as the other kids had to run to the storm cellar they had to try not to get “sucked up” by the twister. If they did they would join the twister and become a bigger, more powerful storm. Overall, they really had fun playing it and it got some of their energy out from having to sit through my presentation.

15 minutes – science activity “Tornado in a Jar”
So, I found this really fun activity here but, after I made one, I wasn’t impressed. Then I found this idea here and thought that this would work better and I just happened to have 25 jars so, it was a logical choice. Now, we learned a few things about this activity. One, the tornado is so much easier to see without the food coloring. Two, DO NOT use quilted jars. Again, too hard to see. Three, I think that you have to let the vinegar sit and break down the soap a little bit before it actually works and if you try to spin it too many times at once all the soap builds up again and doesn’t work so much anymore. This is still an experiment in progress. If you learn the key to making it work, please share.

10 minutes – art activity “Tornado Landscape Chalk Drawing”


Need I say more? Isn’t my drawing beautiful? I thought so.

5 minutes – Drawing for next month’s bookHaunted Castle on Hallow’s Eve 

Overall, I think it was a success. The kids seemed to have fun, I had fun, and I learned some things that I need to adjust for next time. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂


One thought on “Magic Tree House – “Twister on Tuesday”

  1. This really nice librarian that is willing to share is so excited about your blog! I loved reading about your experience! Can’t wait to try some of your ideas at my library!

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