The Magic Hat Shop

The Magic Hat ShopThe Magic Hat Shop by Sonja Wimmer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“People said that the hatter never spoke a single word, but he knew how to listen carefully to his customers, until he found the hat that was just right for them.”

One day a hat shop appears in the middle of the town square. At first the townspeople are unsure about it and want nothing to do with it, until Timid Tim walks in and comes out changed. He is no longer shy and feels different, more confident. Soon all the people of the town are visiting the hat shop and are happier than they have ever been but, one day a strong wind blows everybody’s hats away and the magic hat shop disappears. The townspeople aren’t sure what to do. Will they go back to the way they were before? Or are they able to change without the magic of the hat shop?

Magical! A delightful story about not needing magic to be who you want to be. Wimmer’s illustrations are enchanting. She uses a warm color pallet and they feel as though you can see the magic happening right on the page. I adored this book.

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